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1.     Introduction

Consciousness, the mind, is without question the greatest unsolved problem in science. Everyone has a mind, but no one can say for sure what exactly it is. Great strides are being made in understanding how the brain works, but remarkable as these are, there remains a chasm between what we know about the brain and consciousness itself.

Here is a thought experiment. Try to explain what is going on when you think, and observe what happens. Stop reading now and do it.   

When I first tried this what I observed was a void in science: there wasn’t even any language to begin to attack the problem. An idea doesn’t seem to be formed of atoms or energy, so what is it?

What is actually going on, in physical terms, as one “wrestles with ideas”? This is the problem of consciousness. Something real and very important is happening in the world, for which we have no good explanation. We don’t have a “Physics of Mind”.

This book proposes a solution: a new, facts-based, testable theory of consciousness, with practical implications that are important.

You can understand it, easily. When you are done, you will have a better way to see yourself, others, and the world around you. Doors will open.  

Here is why this is so important.

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